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10ml Luxury Linen + Room Spray

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We have an INCREDIBLE new product launching in 2024, and we are giving you an opportunity to get it first!!

Introducing our travel linen and room spray - meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, completely free of nasties for a non-toxic experience.

The velvety, lavish blend carries a rich fragrance that delicately envelops your surroundings, perfect for infusing any space with a gentle, lasting scent, especially ideal for travel.

For over a year, we've dedicated ourselves to refining our Room Sprays, tirelessly perfecting their formulation and, naturally, putting them to the test firsthand 😉.

Our Room Sprays are scheduled for an official launch in March 2024, but you can grab it right now in a fun Christmas Bon Bon - the perfect present or indulgence.

Hurry, as we have a very limited quantity available.

Available in the following scents:

  • Lily + Rose
  • Strawberries + Champagne
  • Patchouli + White Musk
  • English Pear + Freesia


Our room sprays are an ideal choice for:

On-the-Go Meeraboo freshness: Easily portable for refreshing your environment while traveling.

Handbag Essential: Conveniently fits in your bag for scenting any space, from offices to hotels.

Airplane Approved: Complies with airline regulations for carry-on items, ensuring a pleasant scent during flights and for your hotel room stays.

Quick Pick-Me-Up: Ideal for a swift revitalization of the atmosphere in any location.

Compact Gifting: Great as a small, thoughtful gift for friends or colleagues.

Fragrant Workspaces: Perfect for keeping your work area smelling fresh throughout the day.

Scent Sampling: Allows you to try different scents without committing to a larger size.

Emergency Freshening: Handy for unexpected situations 😰 or last-minute plans.

Gym or Yoga Bag Essential: Adds a touch of freshness to your post-workout or yoga session.

Weekend Getaways: Ideal for short trips and weekend escapes, ensuring a pleasant Meeraboo scent wherever you go.