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Aril Estate Mudgee Olives - various 500ml

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Our black olive varieties include Californian queen, manzanilla and picual.
Our green olive varieties include Californian queen, manzanilla, verdale and picual.
Aril Estate was founded in 2005 on a sheep grazing property in Mudgee NSW

In the summer of 2007-2008 Aril planted their first batch of 1500 olive trees. They now have approximately 1050 of Manzanilla and Californian queens, 750 Picual and 200 SA Verdale varieties under irrigation. They specialise in Greek styled fermented green, turning colour and black table olives. In the autumn of 2018, they installed a one tone per hour olive press to extract virgin olive oil.
They specialise in the cold pressing of olives to produce extra virgin olive oils with a range of fruity and robust flavours.