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Hamono Studios Awawa Body Scrub Towel

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AWAWA is a Japanese washcloth for your body.

Japan has a rich culture of bathing; therefore, we appreciate the quality and functionality of these towels which have been designed with passion and skill.

The rough surface of this washcloth creates a rich and creamy awa, or foam which gently massages your skin and washes away dirt and old skin cells. After using, drain the washcloth by squeezing and hang it to dry. It dries much quicker than regular washcloths and stays hygienic for a long time.

Made of Nylon 74%, Polyester 26%

Size: W600 x H280

Weight: 30g


Made in Japan.

About Hamono Studios

At Hamono Studios, we are a retailer and sole distributor of Banshu Hamono products in Australia and New Zealand, established in 2018. We work directly with the designers, knife makers, and bladesmith association of Banshu; but put simply, we are a small team of passionate individuals who love using these super sharp knives, and want to share the love with everyone around us and more. 

We love the beauty and the art of knives. It is something we use mindlessly, yet we use every single day. It is so close to our lives - it’s a piece of art that brings families and friends together, and we feel they are pretty special. 

From functional, versatile everyday knives to more specialised slicing knives, and some foraging/camping/outdoor folding pocket knives, we have handpicked the pieces we import. All of our products are handcrafted in Ono, Hyogo. This region has been known for blade making for hundreds of years and is closely related to one of the three major knife region of Japan - Sakai, Osaka. They of course all feature the most special feature of sharpness and durability that Japanese knives are famous for.