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Hula Girl Candle

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The Commonfolk Collective

Shake it baby!  How fun is she!  Our fav photographer and friend Danielle Trovato, captured our Hula Girl, which sits on the dash of Ben's old F150 Truck and we just love her!  We have been lucky enough to have Dan shoot most of our campaign shoots and we just love her creativity, talent and friendship - so lucky! Check out her amazingness at @danielletrovatophoto

Our Candles have 600g of creamy, pure and renewable soy + coconut wax, blended with our own Australian made fine fragrances oils and enriched with essentials oils. 

Enjoy 80-100 hours of bliss.

S C E N T : 

HIMALAYAS - Calm your Mind, Body + Soul with Sage + Cedarwood. Clear, Cleanse, Create.