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Maison & Blanche Flameless Candle Lighter

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Ignite your Maison Blanche candles in a safe & luxurious way with our stylish rechargeable flameless candle lighter.

Using arc technology, this electronic lighter can ignite over 100 candle wicks each charge in a safe, easy & environmentally friendly way without any butane (traditional lighters), chemicals (matches) or even a flame!

This lighter is the perfect addition to any candle lovers collection.

USB charger included / Matte Black.

To use: Press safety button and slide upwards to ignite candle wick. Lighter will time-out at 7 seconds to avoid prolonged high temperatures. Flashing blue light indicates low charge. Full charge takes 1 hour, and allows 100 uses of product.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not submerge in liquid. Do not use more than 5 times in close succession. Remove from flame once wick is ignited. Only use the charging cord provided. Do not touch the spark hands. Keep away from combustible materials. Avoid direct sunlight