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Top Notes - Red Plum, Berry, Apple, Sweet Orange, Cassis

Middle Notes - Violet, Green Leaves, Geranium

Base Notes - Sweet Musk, Vanilla

The Mojo Ceramic collection embraces the concept of slowing down and enjoying the place we all call home. The ultimate comfort candle created for being enjoyed while snuggling up on the lounge with your favourite book, or settling into the kitchen to cook your favourite meal or just enjoying a nice glass of red and good conversation.

Where ever you call home, consider the things that create the perfect ambience for you to truly enjoy your space and the time that you spend there.  

  • Poured into handcrafted, glazed high fire Ceramic Cups made by our favourite Ceramicist Daisy Cooper Ceramics in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Designed for re-use - Use it as a coffee cup, a planter or for creative storage.
  • Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe once they have been thoroughly washed after their last burn and the wick's metal base removed. Refer to our Cleaning Guide for the best cleaning methods.
  • Hand-poured in small batches with 100% natural soy wax & beautifully-scented premium-grade fragrance oils in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.
  • Double wicked for a bright & beautiful burn.
  • Stored in a lovely cotton Mojo bag to keep it dust free until you are ready for your first burn session.
  • 5 Colours & Fragrances available
  • Please note that each Ceramic Cup is handmade - allow for slight variations in colour and size.
  • Avoid exposing to thermal shock i.e. changing quickly from very hot to very cold.
  • 30 + hour burn time
  • Diameter -  Approx. 8cm
  • Height - Approx. 7cm
  • Gross Weight - 460g – due to the handmade nature of the vessels weights can vary.
  • Refills Available
  • Designed for reuse - Perfect for a small coffee or approx. 200ml of coffee or tea.
  • 70+ hour burn time 
  • Diameter -  Approx. 11.5cm
  • Height - Approx.  9cm
  • Gross Weight – Approximately 980g – due to the handmade nature of the vessels weights can vary.
  • Refills Available
  • Designed for reuse - Perfect as a coffee cup or planter afterwards, suitable for approximately 400ml of coffee or tea.