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Riviera Heavy Weight Texture French Linen Fringed Edge Cushion Feather Filled 40x60cm Lumbar - Mocha

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Our Genuine Heavy Weight linen is hard to find, our customised woven fabric is heavier than other mass-produced  linen fabric .Its rustic beauty has a charming home-spun character.

We think the most common mistake people make for pure linen is believing the term “luxury,” it has become an excuse for overpriced pure linen products, and a lack of common sense without knowing quality of yarn and actual construction of fabric.  

We are fighting back against overpriced pure French linen and developing new range : Heavy Weight Linen Sheet Set, Exquisite Bedcover, European design Ripple Linen Scarf, Yarn Dyed French Linen Island Striped Duvet, please click here to see more.



  • Minimal & Classic design
  • Heavy Weight Jute Linen fabric
  • Fringed edge
  • 40CM x 60CM
  • Plush Feather Filled