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Seljak Brand Moontide Blanket

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The Seljak Moontide blanket is part of our Rugged range. Moontide is inspired by the way the moon reflects on the water, creating a pathway back to the horizon. Made of deadstock upholstery yarn at a mill in Geelong, Australia, this durable blanket is perfect for indoors and outTake picnicking, on an adventure or stay cosy at home with Seljak Moontide. 

  • 92% wool, 8% nylon
  • Made in Geelong, Australia
  • 180cm x 150cm
  • 950g
  • Whipstitch finish
  • Carbon neutral, closed-loop, sustainable, ethically made
  • For every blanket sold, we donate $5 to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

    The Moontide blanket is woven at a mill in Geelong from deadstock yarn. Mills are left with ‘deadstock’ yarn if it's over-ordered or their customers change their designs or quantities last minute. The yarn sits unused in the warehouse gathering dust and getting moth-eaten. The Glow blanket is a way to divert this deadstock yarn from landfill. 

    Care for your blanket

    Merino wool is very low maintenance for a highly performing material. Wicking means merino fibre can absorb and evaporate large quantities of moisture. This is why merino is lightweight and warm when wet, quick drying, breathable, insulating and odour resistant. Additionally, the natural oils in the wool mean the material is not easily stained and it's naturally antibacterial. Help extend your blanket’s life by following these instructions in order:

    • Air out your blanket by hanging it in the sun. 
    • Brush to remove any excess dirt.
    • Spot clean dirty marks and spills with lukewarm soapy water.
    • Machine wash at maximum 30 degrees with a wool wash and hang dry. Do not tumble dry.
    • Dry clean if necessary. 

    Remember that reducing machine washing extends your blanket’s life and reduces energy and water consumption.

    Store your blanket

    In the warmer months, store your Seljak Blanket in a cool, dry place that avoids the sunlight. A sealed plastic container is best (vacuum bags are okay but may take the spring out of your blanket). Ensure the blanket is completely clean and dry when you pack it away, as moisture can eventually lead to the formation of mildew, and moths are attracted to grime. Airtight sealing protects against moths, which will want to lay eggs in your blankets.  If you own a cedar or camphor chest, wrapping the blanket in clean dry cotton before storing works well. 

    If you’d like to add moth deterrents, natural options including clove, cedar or lavender will leave your blankets smelling fresher than mothballs! Note the effectiveness of these will reduce as their scent diminishes with time, so finding the right storage solution is the first port of call.